Which is where PC Computer Services comes in...

Smart PC and Computer Repair Services in Bognor Regis and Chichester

In today’s information age, computers are an essential part of everyday life. When things are running smoothly, we barely notice that they are there but, when a problem occurs, it can bring everything to a crashing halt. Like most things in life, a faulty computer is only going to get worse, the longer it is left, and trusting your important computer hardware to a non-professional can often result in a bigger problem than you started with, if they don’t know what they’re doing.

What we can do for you

At PC Computer Services, we bring a wealth of experience in PC repair to our work, and expertise with all manner of makes and models.


Our first step is to figure out what is wrong with your computer. Many of the symptoms of a faulty PC often have a number of causes, and pinning it down to the correct one can be a difficult task for the non-expert. With our years of experience, we are able to pinpoint the specific reason for your current troubles, and explain what is needed for the necessary PC repair.


Once we know what’s wrong, our first step is to put it right again. Whether it’s a bad graphics cards connection, faulty hard drive, damaged memory card, overheating motherboard, or any one of a dozen other complaints, we are confident in our ability to repair the original components and get your computer back into full working order with the minimum of fuss.


Sometimes, repairs aren’t possible. In these cases, where your computer hardware is beyond repair, we will try to get a replacement component that matches your existing hardware, and we will help you to correctly install it.

Malware removal

Malware infection is a common cause of computer faults, leading to freezing up of the computer, or slowing down of performance, as well some more aggressive varieties that can corrupt or delete your data. Our malware removal service eradicates these unwanted programs from your computer as part of our PC repair, and we install a high-end anti-virus product to protect your system going forward.

Private or Commercial

Whilst many of our customers are private clients bringing in their faulty computers so that we can run a full PC repair service, we also offer business consultancy solutions for companies and enterprises in the Bognor Regis and Chichester areas. We can recommend the hardware and software setups you’re likely to need for the running of your business, and are able to help you set up your local network, your security system, and your company server. With security being at the forefront of any business concern, we will include our full malware removal service and a high-end anti-virus package as standard.

Other services

Our services don’t just stop at PC repair and malware removal. We also provide expert advice borne of our fifty years’ combined experience in the business. If you need help building and installing a bespoke computer system, we can help you, whether its for home use, or for a business enterprise. We also offer training with personal computers for those of you less familiar with the ins and outs of computer hardware and software. Whatever your issues, whether they’re the result of a hardware issue, or a non-working application you’ve installed, give us a call, and left us see what we can do to resolve it.

Your local computer repair team

All of our PC repair work is conducted at our main office in Bognor Regis, and we deal with customers over a 25 mile radius, including many valued clients in nearby Chichester. Founded in 1992, we’ve been providing a high level of PC repair solutions to the local area for over twenty five years. With this kind of quality service on your doorstep, why look any further afield?

Over fifty years of experience

It’s true – between us, we have over half a century of experience dealing with all manner of PC repair. That’s longer than home PCs have even been in production. We have worked with all brands, makes, and models, and we doubt there is much left out there to surprise us. It only makes sense to entrust your valuable PC repair job to a company with the knowledge and the expertise to apply an appropriate and efficient fix to your machine.

Get in Touch

Whatever problem you might be having with your computer, give PC Computer Services a call us today on 01243 820 840 or 07973 203 341, and speak to a member of our team. Between us we will come up with a PC repair solution to get your computer back on track.