Complete Laptop Repair Service in Bognor Regis and Chichester

In many ways laptops can be more difficult to diagnose than standard PCs. With all the hardware safely tucked away, it can be difficult for a non-expert to identify many of the common hardware issues that come up.

Common laptop problems

Laptops are supposed to be portable devices, but occasionally you find the battery draining too rapidly. This is often a sign that the battery needs replacing, but can also be due to a faulty connection.

Difficult for a non-expert to diagnose, as there is usually no response from the machine, a broken hard drive will not only require repair, but possibly need the data recovering and made safe.

Often a sign of a malware infection, or too many applications running in the background, a slowdown of your laptop’s performance is something that will only get worse if left unattended.

Does you laptop switch itself off for no reason? There are any number of causes for this kind of behaviour, and it takes an expert to pinpoint the exact one.

Whether it’s a physical break, such as a crack in the screen, or something affecting your driver or your graphics card, a broken screen can render your laptop useless, and requires immediate attention.

Laptop repair

At PC Computer Services, we provide a full laptop repair service for all makes and models. We are able to diagnose the problems, identify the cause, and come up with a solution that will fix it.

Repair or replace

Most laptop problems can be repaired in-house, leaving you with a machine in full working order. Occasionally, the problem is more serious, but this doesn’t mean you need to invest in a new laptop. Often we can provide you with the right piece of computer hardware required to fix your issue.

Your local computer repair team

Our laptop repair services are available to all customers within a 25 mile radius of our Bognor Regis office, including clients in Chichester.

How we can help you

At PC Computer Services we have over fifty years of experience in laptop repair between us, dealing with all of the common problems listed above and many more. We are confident that we will be able to pinpoint your problem and provide the appropriate laptop repair to get it fixed.

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