Quality Computer Repair Services, Hardware, and Malware Removal in the Chichester Area

Computers are an essential part of everyday life and, when things go wrong, it’s important to repair them as soon as possible. Here at PC Computer Services, we offer a range of computer repair solutions, from PC repair to laptop repair, as well as providing quality computer hardware and malware removal services.

Whether a faulty hard drive, a damaged graphics card, or an issue with your software, we can locate any issue with your PC and repair it in-house, leaving it running smoothly once again.


For the non-expert, it can often be more difficult to spot a problem with a laptop than with a desktop PC. At PC Computer Services we have the knowledge and expertise to make a laptop repair just as easy as a PC repair, whatever the issue.

While we try to preserve your existing computer hardware when completing a laptop repair or a PC repair, there are times when the equipment itself needs replacing. We have a range of high-quality computer hardware for sale, should this be the case with your machine, and will happily install it for you.

Malware and other viral infections can cause serious damage to a computer and is difficult to completely remove if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Using Eset anti-virus software, we will strip away and destroy any malicious code on your hard drive.

A full repair package

At PC Computer Services we provide a full computer repair package. Our expert technicians come with fifty years experience with all manner of computer hardware, and we are confident we can diagnose any problem with your PC or laptop, and affect an appropriate repair plan.

Your local computer repair team

From our Bognor Regis office, we supply our computer repair and malware removal services to customers within a 25-mile radius, including Chichester. With such a high quality provider of laptop repair and PC repair on your doorstep, why look any further?

Five decades of experience

PC Computer Services has been trading for over 25 years from our Bognor Regis store and, between us, our staff have over fifty years of experience in computer repair. We are confident that we will be able to locate and repair any problem with your computer.

Get in Touch

Call PC Computer services today on 01243 820 840 or 07973 203 341, and we will get your computer back in working order.