6 Everyday Habits that are Harming your Computer

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When it comes to looking after our computer hardware, most of us are guilty of being a little careless and complacent, especially with a desktop or laptop we use day in day out. 

In this article, we discuss six everyday habits that are harming your computer.

1. Using computers on a plush surface

One of the biggest threats to our computers is overheating. The components inside get hot quickly and without adequate dissipation, all sorts of problems can occur.

Issues can range from an annoyingly loud fan to sluggish performance and random shutdowns. Always place your PC or laptop out of direct sunlight and on a hard, flat surface to ensure adequate airflow.

2. Rough treatment

Many of us can hold our hands up to tossing a laptop on a bed or sofa – all very well until the day we miss and hit the coffee table.

When you get frustrated by something taking too long, try to resist taking it out on your computer by slamming the screen shut or trying to force a cable into a port that clearly will not fit.

3. Poor battery care

Laptop batteries, like all computer hardware, have a shelf life and will gradually start to degrade over time.

As your laptop ages, remember not to drain it to 0% before charging. Instead, perform regular shallow charges.  If your battery becomes excessively hot or begins to protrude from your computer, you should stop using it immediately and get a replacement.

4. Eating and drinking next to your computer

Having lunch at our desks is a common habit, with many firing off emails whilst simultaneously eating a sandwich.

Of course, tipping your coffee over your keyboard is bound to cause alarm but do not underestimate the impact of crumbs and food particles that build up over time. You might find trapped food is making your keys stick or even come loose, and when combined with dust, dirt and hair, it makes for guaranteed problems long-term.

5. Not shutting down correctly

However much of a rush you are to leave the office, you should always close your PC down correctly. By failing to do so, you could be bypassing important system and security updates. A forced shutdown won’t necessarily cause harm but making a habit of it could make your operating system unstable. 

6. No antivirus

A good antivirus package should always be installed to protect your computer from malware. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated by the day, with nefarious activity often happening right under a user’s nose. That is why, when it comes to online safety, you shouldn’t rely on common sense alone.

Everyday habits that harm your computer: Final thoughts

We hope this article encourages you to look at your everyday computer habits and make some positive changes – it could add years to your PC!

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